vendredi 28 novembre 2008

First competition with the new team!

After the Olympic Games, half of the team retire, which is totally normal!

I'm still swimming and this year, I'm swimming team, combo and duet. The combo is a mix of 5 minutes of everyroutine. It's really visual! It's like a show.

We are leaving for our first competition on Sunday. It's the World Trophee in Madrid, Spain. This competition is really different from the World Championships or the Olympics. There will be only 5 judges (there is 10 usually) and their marks will be only artistic.

We are going to swim the same free team as at the Olympics, the combo is a brand new routine, the duet free is the same routine as the Olympic and the duet I'm swimming is a thematic duet. Every country has to swim on a spanish music for minutes and we are allow to have an acessory. I'll post some pictures later, I have to keep the secret for now!

The duet competition is next Friday, the free team is on Saturday and the Combo is on Sunday.